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Former Ku Klux Klan Leader

Bill Wilkinson

Now living in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize Central America

William "Bill" Wilkinson (born Elbert Claude Wilkinson) a former self-appointed Imperial Wizard of the KKK has been living in the country of Belize after fleeing the United States and being deported from Great Britian. Wilkinson is currently living in San Pedro and operating Seven Seas Resort. Seven Seas Resort is being operated as a Hotel, Condominium project and being sold as an RCI Timeshare property.


This website is presented in four sections:

The first section are links on the internet to various sites that outline the activities of Mr. William "Bill" Wilkinson. The second section are newspaper & magazine articles from AP and UPI sources. The third section are excerpts from the book, " The Rise of David Duke", that mention Mr. William "Bill" Wilkinson. The fourth section are photographs of Mr. William "Bill" Wilkinson.


Below are articles, and information concerning Wilkinson's involvement in the KKK.

Images of The Invisible Empire: A Day With The Ku Klux Klan

By: Verne Becker

The Ku Klux Klan

By: Katherine Williams

European White Knights Realm of Germany: HIstory of the Ku Klux Klan (German language)

English translation page

 The Guardian

History of the Ku Klux Klan

Racist & Sexist Incidences

 The Fascists and the State: United Against the People

David Duke: White Rights Advocate

 Q & A on Fayetteville Murders and Hate and the Military

Extremism in Conecticute


Information on Bill Wilkinson is on pages 10 & 11 of this article.

The Tom Metzger Story

Includes info on Bill Wilkinson involvement with Metzger

Mangled Truths: Unmasking the history of the Klu Klux Klan

The Ku Klux Klan in the United States: “We are still going to stand here”
by Amy C. Perkins


Information found in CONCLUSION


Information found in ADDITIONAL COMMENTARY

 Ku Klux Klan: Georgia Activity Reported On Rise

Georgia Bulletin, August 5, The Klan And Catholics -- An Analysis

 Middle East fascist invite the leading American fascist for a racist smear-fete


The Daily News - August 1981

 Ku KLux Klan (Spanish)

Ku Klux Klan, Ruby Ridge, Waco, terrorismo en Estados Unidos (Spainish)

KKK - tegnap és ma (Hungarian)

Photographs included

Realm of Germany

History of the Ku Klux Klan

The Hinge: The Connection with US Imperialism

 History of the Southern White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

A Wall of Wizards

and other prominent men who joined the KKK

Newspaper & Magazine Articles

Additional articles can be found through AP and UPI on Lexus/Nexis.com for a charge.

The Hooded Order, Part I: Guerilla Fighters Behind The Burning Cross

By David L. Langford

The Hooded Order, Part II: Profile of An Imperial Wizard

By David L. Langford

The Hooded Order, Part III: Who's Who Under The Hoods

By David L. Langford

 San Pedro Sun~Our Community Bill Wilkinson "The Sailor of Seven Seas" Page 1 & 2

British Deportation of Ku Klu Klan Leaders:

March 23, 1978 London

British Arrest Klan Leader to Deport Him

 Bill Wilkinson: In Forefront of Newly Active Klan

By Bill Richards

Wilkinson Partially Lifted Invisible Empire's Cloak of Secrecy

KKK chief hit with egg

 Klan leader pelted on TV talk show

Klan Chief Files Charges After Assault on TV 

 Klan Youth Camps, where kids have 'good segregated fun, learn KKK philosphy, how to use guns; "A threat that can't be ignored"

 David Duke Seeks New Power Base and Ku Klux Klan Leader Arrested In Tennessee.

Klan Faction Falls on Hard Times, Leaders Says

Klan faction declares bankruptcy

Wizard of Broke;

A Klan group goes bankrupt

 Klan group files plea for reorganization

Klan Leader Arrested On Weapons Charges

Klan Leader Jailed

Klan Leader is Arrested

Klan Holds Rally After Imperial Wizard is Arrested

Wilkinson Arrest In Protest

Wilkinson-Led To Rally Here; Millen Rally Barred By Judge

 8 Klansmen plead innocent to charges of disturbing peace

KKK Refused Use of School for Rally

 Klan stages protest march

Self-named wizard is top man for Klan By David L. Langford

 Klan gets permit, will burn 2 crosses


The Rise of David Duke

By Tyler Bridges

The Klan: Second Edition

By Patsy Sims

 Beneath The Sheets

The Ku Klux Klan EXPOSED!

By Johnny Lee Clary



Listed in the two columes below are the specific pages of

"The Rise of David Duke"

that identify Bill Wilkinson and his involvment with David Duke.

 Listed in the two columes below are the specific pages of

"The Klan"

that identify Bill Wilkinson and his involvment with the Klan


 Listed in the two columes below are the specific pages of

"Beneath The Sheets"

that identify Bill Wilkinson and his involvment with Johnny Lee Clary

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Bill Wilkinson ~ November 14, 2002~Courtesy of the San Pedro Sun Newspaper in San Pedro, Belize

From article: San Pedro Sun~Our Community Bill Wilkinson "The Sailor of Seven Seas" Page 1 & 2


William Wilkinson

Imperial Wizard 1975-1983

From link: "Wall of Wizards"

Bill Wilkinson, in dark suit, emerged as Duke's biggest Klan rival. Courtesy Nancy Rhodes, The Tennessean


A meeting with a reporter and Bill Wilkinson (Right) in KKK headquarters in Denham Springs, Lousiana ~ 1980's

Photo with translation from the Hungarian website above

 Photo from the article "Self-named wizard is top man for Klan"

Fort Lauderdale News, Tuesday, Feb. 19, 1980
Klan Organizers hit the road
Klansmen on a recruiting drive, and seeking new ways to raise money, have taken to the highways. Walter Loveless, left and A. J. Harrell Jr., flag motorists in Gulfport, Miss. They are organizers for Bill Wilkinson's Invisible Empire.


Image Title: KKK cross burning.
Description: Kent, England. 1978 A chapter of the KU KLUX KLAN staged a cross burning ceremony in the Kent countryside in England. Klan wizard BILL WILKINSON from Louisiana is in the foreground.
Photographer: Michael Brennan
Credit: ©Michael Brennan

Bill Wilkinson in his KKK Imperial Wizard uniform ~1979

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